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Когда я начинал, я хотел, чтобы мой голос звучал как музыкальный инструмент. Меня всегда восхищал...
Мне кажется, что слушатели становится частью песни, в личном смысле. Они ассоциируют себя с песней...

"I Can't Get Started"

I'm a glum one,
it's explainable,
I met someone unattainable
Life's a bore,
the world is my oyster no more
All the papers where I lead the news with my capers,
now will spread the news
Superman turns out to be flash-in-the-pan
I've been around the world in a plane,
designed the latest IBM brain
But lately I'm so downhearted,
'cause I can't get started with you
In Cincinatti or in Rangoon,
I simply smile and all the gals swoon
Their whims I've more than just charted,
but I can't get started with you
O tell me why am I no kick to you,
I who'd always stick to you
Fly through thin and thick to you,
tell me why I'm taboo
Each time I chanced to see Franklin D.,
he always said, Hi buddy to me
And with queens I've a la carted,
but I can't get started with you
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